Rule Breakers: Papadosio Records Lengthy Songs

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Papadosio's new album Extras in a Movie combines several different genres of music including psychedelic, electronic, indie, and orchestral leaving one to ask: "What genre are they?"

The album begins with "The Last Leaf" and leaves the listener wondering if this choral sound will define the rest of their listening experience, but they quickly transition into a more electronic groovy sound characterized by various snare and soundscapes. With most songs lasting about five minutes or more, Papadosio is pushing the industry's 3-4 minutes per song rule. "Ritual", their longest song at 8:26 is worth the listen, reminiscent of the good old days of Pink Floyd and other classic rock bands. They are truly a boundary defining band and should be watched closely by avid music lovers to watch them grow to be a more well-known band.

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