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restore to life or consciousness.

On April 20th, at Brick Street Bar & Grill, RedHawk Radio is teaming up with UP Magazine for their annual concert, celebrating the relationship of music and fashion. This Spring, we continue to see the resurrection of styles and trends, musician, M.I.A, in her recent campaign with H&M sings, “‘cause this generation/we rewear it.”

When we think of our favorite artists, it’s hard to disassociate them from their attitude and style. The late David Bowie, has proven to his audience time and time again, that fashion has a place on the stage and taught generations that music and style should be about both display and escape. In honor of our event, coincidentally themed, REVIVE, we asked members of our staff to pick outfits inspired by their favorite album’s cover, so scroll through and check them out.





Thriftshop, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Emma Strupp, and Greta Hallberg
UP Magazine
GH:”The song ‘ThriftShop’ is really fun and we kind of did an editorial in our magazine, based on thrifting and the tag line was ‘ But sh*t is was 99 cents’ from the song.”
ES: “ I was super inspired by the fur coat I found at GoodWill and I really wanted to wear it, so it made me want to channel Macklemore.”
GH: “ When I was looking for inspiration, they talk about a onesie [in Thriftshop] and I was thinking ‘ well, I have a onesie” so I put it on and I felt like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. But I feel like Macklemore wears the fur coat, so I’m like Ryan Lewis. Ryan Lewis 2.0.”




The English Riviera, Metronomy
Ryan Doyle
RedHawk Radio, Marketing Director & Digital Content Manager
RD:” I love the combination of minimalism and natural beauty. It’s how I chose the album cover, first off, I love palm trees and the ocean. The beach is the epitome of chill and good vibes. No one is in a bad mood when you have palm trees and the sound of crashing waves all around you. Then next is the gold and blue, blue is the color of my eyes and I’m a golden boy. Just makes sense.”



Girl/Sleep Sound, EP Jamie XX
Alexis Moten
RedHawk Radio, General Manager
AM: “I’ve always wanted to wear denim on denim, so I kind of picked this EP out for that reason. Jamie XX, is a fantastic producer and he has a way with his music that’s very simple but moving which I think is very similar to the Canadian suit. Everyone looks good in jeans, everyone looks good in denim. This EP really something that gets me going and wanna dance. I could never get bored of it.”



Back to Black, Amy Winehouse
Jenny Henderson
UP Magazine
JH: “I love Amy. I love this album. I don’t know if I should say that I relate to this album a lot, but it has definitely been very influential. The look I went with is very much of me in it, but I also think it kind of fits into Amy’s look and style.”



Reign in Blood, Slayer

Kelly Storc
RedHawk Radio, Operations Manager
KS: “Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of vintage merch for older bands that were initially controversial surfacing in popular retail locations like, Forever XXI and Tobi. I wanted to remind our generation that while the style these bands portrayed has become accepted and celebrated, Slayer is a legacy thrash metal band, not a clothing brand. Reign in Blood by Slayer, particularly their most popular song, ‘Raining Blood’…hence the umbrella.”

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