Call Him Or Don’t: Bittersweet Fantasy In ARRO’s New Single

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Though it might be too early to say that Miami senior Aron Rosing is better known as recording artist ARRO, his recent Spotify single “Call Me” might just be good enough to get him there. With a surprisingly cohesive beat and accessible story, “Call Me” fits a category of sweetly-sad summer pop songs, following a new (and almost-but-not-quite cliche) trend set by groups like The Neighbourhood and The Chainsmokers. With lyrics like “I don’t know what I’m doing here anymore/I live by the beach but I never go to the shore” paired with “This girl is gonna save me,” ARRO sets up a scene of performative moving-on that is just evasive enough not to be over the top.


Aron Rosing is a senior Marketing major from Nashville, TN with a minor in Entrepreneurship and American Studies. Aron began taking an interest in music production during his senior year of high school while in the studio recording demos for the local band he played drums in. He gradually began to focus more and more on learning the craft of writing, recording and producing original songs when he went off to college, and has since turned his attention to include learning the technical aspects of engineering, mixing and mastering audio. After graduation, Aron is looking to establish his own record label and recording studio and continue to produce his own original music as well as music for other artists.


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