Highly Suspect Bring High Energy on Sophomore Album

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This album delivered every level of greatness I expected from Highly Suspect. You get the same high energy and angst as their previous album Mister Asylum. They also did a beautiful job telling stories with their lyrics, each one with unique messages and twists to keep you guessing.

The song “My Name is Human” is an incredible song about searching deep inside ourselves to ask the bigger questions of who we are and why we’re here. It drives a deep message of how our society is just the surface and we are more than what it tries to label us. We need to separate from it and find out our personal worth as individuals and need to listen to what we really want not what it tells us to do.

Asking similar questions about our lives, the song “Look Alive, Stay Alive” seems to be about getting drunk to try and fight monsters from your past. It reminds us that life is all about survival. So why not give into impulse? We all are just going through life not really knowing what to do. We shouldn’t worry about what people think of us and just do what makes us happy. It also has a high energy, angsty rhythm that puts me in the mood for dancing, or maybe even start a revolution…?

One of my favorite songs honored the memory of a fallen friend. The song is titled “For Billy” and it seems he was a wild one. The song looks back on memories of their times together. They did an incredible job making the song more energetic yet emotionally powerful in celebration of their memories, rather than echo their loss.

There are many more incredible songs on the album; these were just my personal top three. If any of these songs sound interesting to you, I definitely recommend checking the album out! They are always something good to listen to when feeling high energy and angsty before going out on Saturday night. I give this album a solid 8/10, and I can't wait to hear more from them in the future!

Rating: 8/10

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