Is The Killers Wonderful Wonderful Really All That Wonderful?

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The next time you find yourself driving on back road with all your windows down and in the need of a new powerhouse album to jam to, grab your aux cord and listen to The Killer’s new Wonderful Wonderful. This album is all over the place with a complete juxtaposition of moods and melodies, but that’s The Killers for you. Brandon Flowers is at it again with vocals that make you feel like you’re listening to your best friend absolutely crush it at your local house show. The vocals are personal and casual, paired with a heavy focus on guitar and drums that makes each track easy and entertaining to listen to.

Some critics have reviewed the band by saying that their new stuff can’t live up to their first album Hot Fuss (cue “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me”), but I believe The Killers are sticking true to their quirky, 80s rock-inspired precedent with their latest compilation of jams.

In my opinion, the best three songs off the album are “Some Kind Of Love,” “Out Of My Mind,” and “Run For Cover,” which all perfectly exemplify the lyrical and methodical range of Wonderful Wonderful. Each track encompasses a different persona of ballad, alternative rock, or retro, which covers each category included on the album.

“Some Kind Of Love” will seduce your mind into a beautiful trance of introspective reflection.

You’ll suddenly find yourself reminiscing on past moments with friends and loved ones. The soothing vocals echo inside your mind like your conscience, with low tones and melodies resembling a simple summer aesthetic of waves crashing. The lyric “You have the grace of a storm in the desert,” encompasses the entire song by describing something enchanting and mystical like a desert storm. Overall, the track focuses more on the sounds that twinkle off in the distance than on the actual vocals.


Then there is “Out of My Mind,” which is an 80s-rock hit that was released last Friday. The keyboard is the prominent instrument, and features electrifying synthetics. The tone is upbeat with echoing guitar chords and backup vocals. I can almost smell the hairspray while listening this this instant jam. If you like that song, you’ll also enjoy the sixth track, “Tyson vs Douglas.” It also has that retro-rock vibe, and honestly sounds like U2 could’ve produced it, which in this case is a good thing.


“Run For Cover” has been labeled an anti-Trump anthem, but despite your affiliation this song will strike a poetic chord inside of you. The first two lines of the track “What have you gathered to report to your progenitors / Are your excuses any better than your Senators?” urge you towards a political interpretation, especially paired with the bridge:


And there was nothing she wouldn’t give

Just to trust him with her nightmares, with her dreams

She’s running, she’s running

Just to trust

He got a big smile, he’s fake news

Just run for cover, you’ve got nothing left to lose


The band seems to want to reflect upon the trials of having no other options but to either trust the President despite his theatrics, or to not trust him and “Run For Cover.” Politics aside, the song could enlighten an inspirational flame inside of anyone with the upbeat rhythm and slightly angsty lyrics. The drums are a powerhouse and the energetic guitar chords are hard to ignore. The vocals are tight and fast-paced, as if Brandon Flowers wants to get all of the words out before you stop listening.


The Killers don’t forget the slow ballads with “Have All The Songs Been Written?,” or their usual, zesty rock songs with “The Calling.” No matter what mood you may find yourself in, Wonderful Wonderful has you covered.

There are definitely some songs that I do not find the need to listen to again, like the titular “Wonderful Wonderful” and “Rut.” They are both a little too psychedelic for my taste, and lack any melody, bridge, or beat that makes a lasting effect on the listener. At the end of both tracks I felt disappointed and confused. What was I actually listening to? How are all these songs on the same album? Whatever answers The Killers may have to these questions, I’ll be pressing skip the next time these songs play.

This album has it highs and lows, but overall, I still found myself on TicketMaster researching tour dates before Wonderful Wonderful even concluded. The album is lively with easy-to-learn choruses and stimulating rhythms that make it is for all kinds of listeners to enjoy.

Rating: 8/10

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