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Guys! Stop wearing lame shoes. It’s no secret: if you look good, you feel good. It’s science. Probably.  But seriously, what easier way to revitalize your whole wardrobe than with some dope new kicks? In my opinion, shoes, along with watches, are the easiest way to make your outfit pop.

So, let’s dive into a few different kinds of shoes every guy should own- and some of my personal favorites in each category.


A Classic Dress Shoe

Whether it’s for a job interview, a class presentation, or a religious service every man needs a suit or two. And for God’s sake, don’t be the guy to wear sneakers with his suit.

So what kind of shoe? Square toe plain dress shoes are out. Look for something sleek and slick. If you’re into wingtips then get some wingtips, but if that’s too much something plain works too.

Just please remember: black suit equal black shoes. Blue or tan suit equals brown shoes. Grey suit equals personal preference— but above all, the belt matches the shoes!

For a quality shoe, look at the Magnanni Men’s Cornado Plain Toe Oxford. It’s a great look with a burnished leather and sleek shape. Don’t let the price tag get you either— you can occasionally find this shoe on Amazon at a discount

Main Image - Magnanni Cornado Plain Toe Oxford (Men)











$350.00 USDAvailable in Cognac Leather.

For a cheaper version seek out The Steve Madden Men’s Bozlee Oxford. It’s not quite as beautiful as the Magnanni, but at one third the price it’s an affordable alternative that still has a good modern look.

Steve Madden Bozlee

$100.00 USDAvailable in Black, Brown  and Tan (pictured)


A Fresh-Ass Tennis Shoe

These aren’t the shoes you’re going to wear on a run (If you’re into that sort of self-torture thing.)This is what you’re going to wear to class, a football game, maybe even beat the clock. It used to be called a “walking shoe” but I’m afraid that term is kind of dated.

So what are we looking for? Something casual, with a bit of color and a lot of style. I’m telling you right now Adidas is on the up and up.

Adidas Options

These EQT Support ADV Shoes are straight outta the 90s. A sweet blue color with a little bit of shimmer, these shoes are classic. They are also available in a variety of styles and colors, under the “EQT” label.

adidas - EQT Support ADV Shoes Mystery Ink / Mystery Ink / Running White BY9590

$110.00 USDAvailable in Running White, Mystery Ink (pictured) and Trace Olvie.

For something a little more futuristic, check out the Tubular line. They have a plethora of styles and spin-offs under the label, but my personal favorite are the Tubular X Primeknit Shoes.

Image result for Tubular X Primeknit













$160.00 USD. Available in stores and in Night Cargo, Tech Steel (pictured) and Core Black

Other Options

Listen closely to what I am about to say. You cannot go wrong with the New Balance 574. This has to be a top five classic shoe of all time. With an unbelievable assortment of color options, it really is up to you to find what fits you and make it your own.

$79.99 USD.  Available in multiple styles and colors. Citadel with Grey and White pictured.

“What about Nike? You forgot about Nike! Nike Nike Nike.” Yeah, okay. Whatever. Personally, I’m starting to distance myself from Nike a little bit. I don’t know why, to be completely honest, but I think they’ve gotten a little stale for me. If I had to choose one to buy it would be the Nike Lunar Fingertrap TR- It has a good athletic style and it’s a solid choice for a multitude of occasions.

Nike Lunar Fingertrap TR Men's Training Shoe

$75.00 USDAvailable in Wolf Grey/Midnight Navy, Black/Gym Red, Black/Black/White, and White/Black (pictured)


A Casual Bad Weather Boot

When it comes to name brands, there’s basically two common looks here. There’s Timberlands and there’s LL Bean Boots. Great with jeans or kahkis at the bar or anywhere, these are the most popular options.

First let’s start with Tims. It’s the classic blue collar look. The thick rubber sole is great for ice and the “seam sealed waterproof construction” makes the 6 Inch Premium Waterproof Boots ideal for those rainy fall days or the icy morning walks in the winter.









$190.00 USDAvailable in 11 colors and custom colors as well. Wheat Nubuck pictured.

Though a little more preppy, the Duck Boot is another classic. The timeless look is made complete with a leather top half and a rubber bottom. So here it is: the Men’s Bean Boots by L.L.Bean, 8”.

$129.00 USDAvailable in Dark Ash/Dark Ash/Brick Red and Tan (pictured)


Dress Boots

These are one of my favorite types of shoes. They’re just super versatile and, depending on the style, can be worn with a ton of different outfits. This look is really in right now and for good reason.

First I want to look at the Timberland Men’s Brook Park Leather Chukka Shoes. This is a good looking shoe, slightly elevated with the signature grip sole. You can wear this shoe easily with a business casual outfit or jeans and a polo.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 8.47.37 AM








$130.00 USDAvailable in Black Smooth (pictured) and Red Brown Smooth

Another similar boot that looks significantly dressier is the Florsheim Belfast Double Monk Strap Boot. Florsheim, a company once at the top of the shoe market, is said to have sold a pair of shoes every four seconds in 1966.1 Though there have been some questions as to whether or not the brand has dropped in quality these shoes are dope. Maybe a little too dressy for jeans or casual wear, but great for business casual and above. The double buckle gives you an opportunity to stand out without doing too much.

Main Image - Florsheim Belfast Double Monk Strap Boot (Men)

$130.00 USD.  Available in Black (pictured) and Brown.



There’s a lot of variety here when it comes to sandals. You can go for Birks or flops, and I’m even going to throw boat shoes in here. I’m not that cultured in this area but I’ll do what I can.

If you’re a flip flop guy go for Rainbows. I’m from Florida. I will wear flip flops anywhere. To the grocery, to class, to bed, anywhere. I say go for the Double Layer Classic Leather with Arch Support. They take a while to break in, but once they are, they’re totally yours. Rainbow also has a sweet warranty so you’re protected if they fall apart.

Double Layer Classic Leather with Arch Support

$58.00 USDAvailable in Black, Mocha (pictured) Tan Blue, and Tan Brown

In my opinion, the Birkenstock/Teva style represents one of two things. Either you are a big outdoorsy camping/hiking type, or you have reached the ultimate dad level. I am a flip flop guy so I really don’t have a lot of personal experience here, but the people I know that wear Birks and Tevas love them.

Here’s the classic Arizona Soft Footbed Birkenstock.

Arizona Birko-Flor Soft Footbed Desert Soil Night

$110.00 USD.  Available in multiple styles and colors. Desert Soil Night pictured.

Here’s the classic Original Universal Teva.

Original Universal

$50.00 USD.  Available in Armida Harvest, Armida Black/White, Black (pictured)

Okay, I’ve owned a lot of boat shoes. I’ve owned name brand and Walmart brand, cheap and expensive. I will say this: if you are going to wear boat shoes, go big and buy the Gold Cups. They are a little more expensive, but the Sperry Gold Cup Authentic Original 2-Eye is by far the nicest pair of boat shoes I have ever owned. There’s a few different styles, but they all come with lambskin lining and you can absolutely tell the difference.

$159.95 USD. Available in multiple colors and styles. Tan/Brown pictured.


1Ohenhen, Imade. “Florsheim Men’s Shoes Quality – How Good Are They?” Mensfashionnow.com, Menstyle, 9 May 2017, menfashionnow.com/florsheim-mens-shoes-quality-how-good/.

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