Maryn’s Offer: Something New

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The first sound that the album The Offer—by guitar and vocal duo Yowler— produces for the listener is the sound of water. I mean this literally and figuratively; the first song both starts with the echoes of water slipping down a waterfall and is titled, you guessed it, “Water.” From the start of the album, the listener is engaged in Yowler’s music through every sense of the human body. The experience is transcendental and highly unusual. Nothing in this album is predictable. The echoes of “Water” begin the experience of falling into an Alice in Wonderland-esque rabbit hole towards a world of dreams.

Only after watching a live video performance was I able to confirm that there was something human and real behind the music resonating from my headphones. Maryn Jones conjures an atmosphere comparable to that created by Lorde with her dreamy, laid back style, a likening especially notable in the esoteric singing of “Bedroom Wall."

Guitars are the primary instruments used on the album, creating a melodic foundation in gentle and beautiful tones… sometimes sounding like ancient loots from medieval times, sometimes sounding more electric like Nirvana in their softer riffs.Throughout the album, whether through acoustic or electric guitar, the relationship between strings and voice is intensely effective. Maryn’s lyrics pull you in, making you see a world unreal, but real all at the same time. She makes us see a reflection of ourselves, in all of our regret, our longing, our yearning for something so hard to grasp… but like a dream the truth echoes, never quite discernable… until you’re asleep… and you forget when you wake up.

If you’d like to hear more from Yowler—come see them perform Friday, November 10, in Redhawk Radio’s free concert series Cold Snap at Kofenya from 6pm-10pm.

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