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Some of Exec Board's Favorite Halloween Songs

Ben Panzeca | Sports Director

Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks

See, I don’t listen to very spooky music. I’d say the darkest thing you’ll find on my phone is a toss up between Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion: Side B and the 2004 remix of “Superstar” by the Carpenters. But in all seriousness, I’d recommend  Xiu Xiu’s Plays the Music of Twin Peaks for all of your spooky endeavors this Halloween. They took an already masterful soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti and took it in some really exciting and unexpected directions. Twin Peaks’  music is pretty eerie to begin with, and Xiu Xiu take it one step further. If I had to single out a track, I’d say listen to “Into the Night”. It’s super dark, especially towards the back half of the track.

Meg Matthias | Senior Editor

“Zombies” by Childish Gambino

Sure, this song from Gambino’s 2016 album “Awaken, My Love!” isn’t strictly a Halloween song. A December release, closer to Christmas than autumn, “Zombies” is a metaphorically rich critique of media and Hollywood business. But if you read against the grain, “Zombies” could be a spooky song about the literal undead. Gambino’s opening lyrics “All I see is zombies/Walking all around us” switch to a first-person zombie perspective with “We’re eating you for profit/There is no way to stop it,” suggesting that Gambino has been transformed into the monster that was hunting him. For most of the year, “Zombies” is an eerie song about celebrity culture. But in October, with its electronic soundtrack and haunting lyrics, Gambino is almost certainly singing about Halloween.

Michael Reimer | Music Director

“Little Fang” by Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks

The cutest Halloween jam is here. Avey Tare, Of Animal Collective et. Al sings about keeping cheerful even in distress. Avey kneels next to our metaphorical listener and takes them by the hand, “you’re something special, want you to know you are”. Even in the spookiest nights of this dreary October, this song won’t let you get yourself down.

Sam Phillips | Contributor

“Saturday Night”//Misfits

Of course the Misfits are going to show up on a halloween playlist. However, this song’s a bit of a curveball since the Danzig era had nothing to do with it. The track comes off 1999’s Famous Monsters. Replacement singer Michale Graves, whose last name could not be more apt, howls over a pretty typical late-period punk band arrangement. It may not be as popular as “Skulls” or “Last Caress” but, the song is catchy—there’s something that keeps you coming back to get a taste of those otherworldly vibes. Oh, and the the first line of the track let’s you know that “there’s 52 ways to murder anyone” so, there is that.

Hans Juste | Business Manager

"Wall to Wall" by Chris Brown

Growing up Halloween was very frowned upon in our household. My mom never let my siblings or I ever trick-or-treat. My favorite Halloween song—“Wall to Wall”—isn't one you'd traditionally pick in my opinion. It isn't totally spooky, but does have a pretty cool music video (featuring vampires!) It just takes me back to watching the music video on our old computer in the living room, fearing my mom would come out of nowhere and yell at me. The true spirit of Halloween.  

Marisa Vesel | Event Planner

“Time Warp”-Rocky Horror Picture Show

Look, Halloween is my favorite holiday. And I especially love Halloween music! I listen to all the basic Halloween songs (Monster Mash, Thriller) and I have a pretty extensive knowledge of vintage Halloween music. It was hard to choose a favorite Halloween song (I just did a two hour Halloween themed radio show, so I have quite a few favorites) but in the end Time Warp won out. I am a huge Rocky Horror fan, and this song never fails to get me into the spooky Halloween spirit. Plus, I can do the dance which is an added bonus!

Johnathan Schaff | Engineer

“Maridia (Swampy Caverns)” - Super Metroid

Released in 1994, Super Metroid is probably one of my favorite games. The soundtrack contributes to my love for this game, as it aids in the completely engrossing experience. While I wouldn't classify Super Metroid as a horror game, the atmosphere has a feeling of extreme isolation and darkness that I haven't experienced from other forms of media. This track instantly came to mind when I thought of haunting music, as it slowly dances around you when exploring the dismal depths of the swampy areas in the game. I can still vividly remember the creeping feeling of dread when I first played through this area, which is quite impressive for such an old 16-bit game.

Nicole Keshock | Social Media Manager

“Dead Man’s Party”- Oingo Boingo

Not only is this song perfectly embody the spirit of the New Wave/Post Punk movement, which is my absolute favorite genre of music, it also happens to be a delightful Halloween Tune. If one were to critically analyze this tune, it could be said that the song is about how people do not interact others as their true self. We all always have a mask on, because we are essentially “dead”. For me, this song reminds of being at a party, surrounded by friends, but still feeling extremely isolated and alone. But, if you aren't a cynical misanthrope, then this is a song about partying with the undead during spookiest time of the year. Cheers to being dead!

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