Chance The Rapper Drops Two New Singles; Teasing Fans For A Release Of A New Album

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One of Chance the Rapper’s new singles

Last Friday, I awoke to some great news. No, I didn’t get a job offer or an A on my exam, but the revolutionary, still-young rapper Chancelor Bennett aka Chance The Rapper dropped two singles that fulfilled my expectations.

The two singles were “My Own Thing” and “The Man Who Has Everything.” The first one is a complete banger and reminds me of Chance’s hype songs from Acid Rap and Coloring Book, like “Good Ass Intro,” “Favorite Song,” “Angels,” and “No Problem.” The second is a lot slower and takes me back to “Summer Friends” and “Lost.” It’s okay—not able to make it past a lot of my favorites—but definitely a good Chance song.

Chance has slowly been releasing singles, teasing all of us into thinking that he is going to release an album. One summer evening, he surprised fans by releasing four singles that were on my phone repeat for weeks. Ironically, this was the same night that his younger brother, Taylor, also released his album Be Yourself—if you like Chance, you’ll like Taylor.

Chance’s four singles were great, and they also had some serious meaning to them. “I Might Need Security” took shots at Chicago’s mayor and the $95 million police training center. “Work Out” is easy to decipher since he says, “had to buy a crib before I bought my first house,/ had my first kid I love how she turned out,” clearly referencing his daughter Kensli. This became one of my favorite Chance songs with its lively tempo and lyrics. It’s a feel-good song and tells a great story. The other catchy single that I absolutely love is “Wala Cam.” It has one of the hottest starts of all of his songs that immediately caught my attention. He sings about a place called the War Zone which would attract the young and old in his neighborhood to gather around and dance and have rap battles. This song also brings in Supa Bwe for the third verse and kills the finish. The final verse brings in Chance’s gospel-style right in the beginning with organs. “65th & Ingleside” references the mistakes Chance has made some mistakes in his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Kirsten Corley. The refrains are very similar, but he changes some parts to describe his relationship status with Kirsten as the years went on.

Personally, I don’t usually like rap. Most of the time I can’t understand the artists, they all talk about the same thing, and they’re just not catchy. But since 2012, Chance has been on my repeat on my phone. From his small mixtape, 10 Day, to his complete trip with Acid Rap, Chance has been able to set himself apart from other rappers with his fresh styles. His third album, Coloring Book, was his huge debut that got him on Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Saturday Night Live. I think what makes Chance so loved is his lyrics. They are easy to understand and to sing-along to. Chance fell into our hearts with his gospel-like rap that describes his and others’ stories growing up on the southside of Chicago. Chance has been hinting at dropping an album soon, and with the release of these new singles it must be close. I think he’ll drop the full album either before Christmas or the first of the New Year. So far, his singles have been beautiful, so his album is sure to be fantastic.

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