Christmas Came Early: Fleet Foxes Deliver First Collection For Fans

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Clapping ruby slippers gets you to Oz, the Valerian takes you back to the future, but two clicks on a mouse and hitting “shuffle” on Fleet Foxes’ Spotify page takes you to the heartlands of Seattle. A true indie-folk band, Fleet Foxes are the ideal group to listen to while traveling through the woods on a winding road (or studying for your final exams).

With the release of a remarkable album last summer, on November 9th the band shared their First Collection that includes hits like “Mykonos,” “White Winter Hymnal,” “Blue Ridge Mountains,” and “Oliver James.” But the indie-folk band also produced some new pieces that will please anyone. Hits like “She Got Dressed,” “In the Hot Hot Rays,” “Anyone Who’s Anyone,” and “Silver Dagger” will enlighten Fleet Foxes fans across the world. They also include a new version of “Ragged Wood” titled “Transition Basement Sketch,” which adds a great calming style to an exciting and uplifting song. For the record—I have my alarm set to this song, as it gives me just the right kind of morning mojo each and every day.

With a decade under their belt, Fleet Foxes have only produced three albums. With a shared admiration for Bob Dylan and Neil Young, high school friends Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skejelset joined forces to create this innovative musical sound. Joined now by Casey Wescott, Christian Wango, and Morgan Henderson, they have great synergy that continues to succeed. (An interesting fact: Fleet Foxes old drummer was Josh Tillman, who left to go out on his own and become the charming Father John Misty.)

Fleet Foxes’ first album Sun Giant was released in 2008, grabbing the attention of Rolling Stone, which gave the album four out of five stars and related it to The Beach Boys, Animal Collective, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Fleet Foxes also found its way across the pond to earn five stars from The Guardian, where they were proclaimed to be “a landmark in American music, an instant classic.”

Their second album was just as good, maybe better than the first. With the release of Helplessness Blue, Fleet Foxes gave us the masterpieces like “Grown Ocean,” “Battery Kinzie,” and—a personal favorite—“Montezuma.” This album had a similar style to Sun Giant but brought a little more fire to their sound.

And last summer’s album was an automatic hit. As soon as it was released, I found the closest laptop and listened to it all the way through.

If you haven’t heard of Fleet Foxes, I advise you to listen to them if you like alternative, indie, or soothing music. This band creates such beautiful music that I have never skipped a Fleet Foxes song on my phone. Like I said before, I wake up every morning to “Ragged Wood” from the Sun Giant album, and therefore begin every day with a warm sensation that makes me embrace the new day with kindness and adventure. If you go on their page on Spotify, you will not be disappointed whether you are sitting by a fire, driving home for vacation, or on a beautiful hike through tall evergreens.

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