Cold Snap Preview: Boon

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You can see Boon perform this Friday, November 9, at WMSR Redhawk Radio’s third annual Cold Snap concert at Kofenya, 6-10pm.

On their Bandcamp page, their music is tagged with words like “meditative,” “atmospheric,” and “folk.” This is all accurate, but the first word that came to mind while listening to their tracks was “mature.” Not in the way Eminem’s lyrics are mature or how classical baroque is mature, but more a sense of self-realized maturity.

Pennsylvania-based band Boon, one of the bands featured in RedHawk Radio’s third annual “Cold Snap”, consists of four members: Brendan Principato, Jesse Paller, Drew Sher, and Andrew Senken. They released a two-song EP late last year, which boasts cover art as beautiful as the music inside.

Their track, “Watermelon,” features a slow-build of soft acoustic guitar, the sound of the wind blowing through the trees rippling in the background. This is the kind of music you listen to if you’re outside on a beautiful day and you’ve got your headphones in, but you still want to feel nature around you. Or, if you’re inside on a miserable day and want to escape the harsh realities of life. That works too.

The vocals begin distant, but grow into a strong but calming presence. It’s reminiscent of Bon Iver’s neo-folk, but more ambient.

The next track, “Two of Cups” at first sounds like a somber song, perfect for a dreary afternoon. A minute-and-a-half in, however, the song takes a bit of a turn. The guitar becomes more cheery, chimes jingle in the background and the pace picks up a bit.

I think one of the most admirable characteristics of good music is its ability to dictate your emotions. Maybe my emotional state is too easily swayed, but when I listen to Boon I can’t help but close my eyes, zone out and allow it to take me somewhere else—somewhere better. Some people use drugs or alcohol to facilitate these types of transportational experiences, and more power to them. However, when sound is able to have a similar effect, it clearly indicates maturity and intention on the part of the band.

Boon’s music does just that.

I would highly encourage you to check out their music, and come see them perform live at Cold Snap, on Friday night at Kofenya. Doors open at 6 p.m.

You can listen to Boon’s full album on Bandcamp.

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