A Quiet Place Review

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Directed by my personal favorite ‘The Office’ character, A Quiet Place is a sonically astounding movie thats audio perfectly compliments its scenic visual elements. From soothing to cringe-worthy, the audio takes you deeper into the characters world. At some points it seems as if you’re with them on this post-apocalyptic earth, trying to stay as quiet as possible, listening to hear every drop of every sound. The plot was also captivating, sending this family as many problems, obstacles, and roadblocks as it could and keeping the viewer interested from beginning to end.

I would have given it 5 stars but I thought the ending was just good, I guess since I loved the rest of the movie so much I expected it to be great and blow my mind away (high expectations?). I’ll cut the spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet, and end this review instead with a word of advice… Do not (I repeat), do not consume any loud snacks from the concessions while watching this movie. You will most likely be ostracized, asked to leave, or just miss out on some Grade A sound editing.




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