Cold Snap Preview: Grown Up Kids

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Mature Children: Grown Up Kids’ EP Forego

Grown Up Kids is a band consisting of talented Miami University students: Michael Archiable, Logan Pipes, Ben Reineke, and Angus Cady. They are a rock band whose style is indie mixed in with elements of alternative.  The music industry does consist of numerous amounts of bands that are built upon their images of being either alternative or indie groups, yet this Miami band defies the odds with their unique creations and stylistic selections. Their extended play, Forego, was released earlier this year in May and is composed of six songs: “Come Back,” “Freudian Slip,” “Confusion,” “Forego,” “Luke,” and “Sought the Heart.” Each song has a differing style (ranging from differences in vocals to pitches in instruments) which, in turn, allows them to become highly distinguishable from one another.   

The songs on their extended play uphold the name of the band due to the elements of maturity and playfulness throughout their songs. These characteristics of the music are created through the varying pitches of the instruments and from the stark contrast of the lyrics. Due to this contrast, the EP seems to be split evenly in half with “Forego,” “Luke,” and “Sought the Heart” as being the songs that represent the band’s mature side while, on the other hand, “Come Back,” “Freudian Slip,” and “Confusion” are the songs that highlight the more playful, light-hearted (even childlike) side of the band.   

“Forego” is a prime example of one of Grown Up Kids’ songs that is strictly mature since it revolves around experiencing a relationship from an adult’s perspective. The name of the song has a literal meaning of “to go without” and because of that, the song seems to be creating a world where it is encouraged to skip out on discovering a path which would signal the end of a period of emotional distress. That can best be seen in the lyrics: “And don’t you ever forget that it’s just burning behind your teeth. If you just play out your cards right, he’s been keeping one behind the scenes. And her sweetness in love, her sweetness in life is singing…on a Saturday night with her. Forego the closure tonight.” In addition to that element, the vocals appear to have a hint of sadness included in them throughout certain moments of the song. An example of one of these moments can be heard when “And don’t you ever forget…” is sung.

“Confusion” is a crucial example of one of the songs that represents the flip side of the band’s personality that is achieved by childlike components. These elements consist of the upbeat solos from particular instruments, the combining of voices on certain words in the lyrics, and the overall message of innocent love. This lighthearted side of the band can be heard in vocals like: “Do I like you? How do I feel when I talk to you over the phone and you tell me that I make you laugh?” A type of young love can be interpreted from these lyrics due to the fact that, for me, they remind me of the early relationships in movies when girls are picking petals off a flower and saying “He likes me. He likes me not.” This version of love highlights a relationship vastly unlike the adult version which can be felt in other songs.

Overall, Grown Up Kids’ EP was a great listening experience due to the complex nature of their songs. Every song felt like new emotions were being created (with transitions from young love to complicated relationships), and a new personality of the band was being opened up to the listeners to explore. I recently discovered this band and their music on Spotify and with my first listening experience, I found the music to be quite catchy while working on homework or allowing myself a moment or two to relax. I was never disappointed by any of their songs on their EP Forego.

Favorite Songs: “Come Back,” “Forego,”  and “Confusion”

You can see Grown Up Kids perform at Cold Snap on Saturday, November 16.

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