Staff Picks: Our Favorite Feel-Good Episodes of TV

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A list of WMSR’s favorite TV episodes to watch when school is ruining our lives.

Annie Eyre | Senior Editor
Difficult People S2 Ep7: “Carter”

When it comes to a show that can always cheer me up while also reaffirming my distaste of humanity, any episode of Hulu’s Difficult People can do the trick. My absolute favorite cure to school-induced sadness is season two’s masterpiece, “Carter,” following the journey of Billy and Julie’s efforts to create a Hamilton-esque Fringe Festival musical about President Jimmy Carter (after their previous endeavor, Swifticle: The Musical resulted in them being “served” by Taylor Swift for using her name for profit). What makes this episode feel good is, as always, Billy and Julie’s genuine, hilarious bond at the heart of their wonderfully awful friendship. Also, Carter is definitely better than Hamilton—I mean, its narrator is a man in a giant peanut costume, and Ronald Reagan sings a ballad about how he ignored the AIDS crisis. So if you need a good laugh, a good gasp, or simply need reassurance that you’re not as bad at life as some people, just watch this episode. Trust me, you’ll feel infinitely better about those projects and essays that you’re currently ignoring.

Meg Matthias | Co-General and Business Manager
Gilmore Girls S3 Ep7: “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They”

When I returned home from my wisdom teeth removal surgery in the summer of 2016, I had only one request (other than the Wendy’s chocolate frosty we got on the way home): that my mom put this episode of Gilmore Girls for me as I lay on the couch pulling gauze out of my mouth. “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?” is, in my opinion, the perfect episode of both this show and television in general. Set against the backdrop of the annual Stars Hollow Dance Marathon (an event never mentioned prior to this episode or ever again), romantic and actual tensions between the shows key couples—Suki and Jackson; Lane and Dave; Paris and Jamie—take place between Kenny Ortega-choreographed (!) dance numbers. Most importantly, though, the Dean/Rory/Jess love triangle comes to a head after Dean realizes that, even when he’s dancing with his girlfriend, he can’t ignore the chemistry she’s had with Jess for a full season already. Needless to say, my wisdom teeth healed themselves by the time the end credits rolled.

Sarah Gaddy I Co- Music Director
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3 Ep2: “Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades!”

My usual go-to for feel good shows are always comedies and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is close to the top of my list of favorite shows to watch. In episode 2 of season 3, Kimmy struggles with deciding what she wants to major in. While that struggle alone is incredibly real and very relatable, the real highlight is Titus. After coming home from a cruise tour, Titus spies his boyfriend entering his apartment with another man. This leads Titus to take out his anger the only way he knows how: through Lemonading. Throughout the episode various spoofs of Beyonce’s iconic Lemonade is used as a means to capture the emotional process of coming to terms with witnessing a partner cheating. Titus does an amazing job at recreating Lemonade and never fails to cheer me up.

Ashley Marmer | Music Committee Member
Queer Eye S3 Ep4: “When Robert Met Jamie”

Queer Eye never fails to make me feel good (and also cry a little). In this episode, the Fab Five helps Robert—a painfully self-deprecating man—find his confidence so that he can bring that self-assurance to his daughters and son. Any episode of Queer Eye is the perfect remedy to when you’re feeling down about school/life, since the Fab Five always shows their clients how to see the good within themselves. Just watch the scene of Karamo bringing Robert to a dance studio, and I can assure you that you will weep cathartically and take these lessons to heart.

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