Staff Picks: Our Favorite Songs For Valentine’s Day

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The best songs to sing to your significant other while they’re forced to awkwardly maintain eye contact and listen, as chosen by the staff of Redhawk Radio.

“Crush” by Tessa Violet

Annie Eyre | Senior Editor

There are few things more entertaining than a fleeting, intense crush, and Tessa Violet’s song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of sincere infatuation towards someone you don’t actually know at all. It’s bubbly, fun, and has a truly delightful music video. No matter what your feelings are about Valentine’s Day, Tessa Violet’s ardent declaration that she “could be your crush” will make you want to stalk a cute classmate’s Instagram as you drink wine alone in your room (or, go on a romantic date with your significant other, I guess).


“Valentine” by Suki Waterhouse

Meg Matthias | Co-General Manager & Business Manager

Flowers, wine, and dinner dates: Suki Waterhouse’s “Valentine” hits all the commercialized hallmarks of Valentine’s Day. But rather than give into the candy-coated fun of a holiday (and made up to sell greeting cards or not, holidays are FUN), Waterhouse’s vocals are almost eerie. The two refrains— “Won’t you, won’t you, won’t you, won’t you be my valentine?” and “If you wanna see my face / If you wanna see my face”—are sung slowly and shakily. The final vibe is hopeful, but just barely: Waterhouse may be celebrating with her valentine one day, but she’s not sure it’s anytime soon.  


“I Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher (or) cover by Goldspot  

Maddie Hannapel | Music Director

An old and nostalgic song but Sonny and Cher never fail. This light hearted and lightly instrumented song will certainly set a casual upbeat mood. Certainly not a song for the bedroom rather background vibes for a double date. Nevertheless this song, which was sung after every Sonny and Cher concert, perfectly illustrates the dynamics of a healthy, loving relationship.


“Still in Love With You” by Cher

Sarah Gaddy | Music Director

The 80s produced so many great love songs—and “Still in Love With You” is no exception. The chorus is perhaps the most iconic section of this song and perfectly captures the feeling of wanting someone back. Cher’s voice is so incredibly distinctive and I absolutely love it. “Still in Love With You,” while not necessarily a typical happy Valentine’s Day song, is still great for rocking out solo or as a duo.


“Any Party” by Feist

Rebecca Sowell | Co-General Manager & Business Manager

When I saw Feist perform at The National’s Homecoming Festival last April, she introduced “Any Party” by addressing the crowd: “Did anyone come here with someone they’re really into? Look deep into their eyes and sing this song to them.” “Any Party” conveys a simple, yet incredibly romantic gesture—it’s the idea that you love someone so much, you would leave any party if they wanted to go home, no matter how much fun you’re having or how phenomenal the music sounds. As Feist puts it, “‘Cause no party’s so sweet as a party of two.”


“You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor

Ben Panzeca | Reel Talk Editor

At the heart of every great relationship, romantic or otherwise, is a strong friendship. I know how lonely V-Day can get, so if you’re single, I have a plan for you: Grab a bottle of wine, snuggle up next to a body pillow and let James Taylor sing you to sleep at 7 P.M.


And if these don’t do it for you, check out our playlist below- featuring Janelle Monae, Paul Anka, and more. Happy Valentine’s! 

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