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Why Stranger Things 3 is the Best Season Yet

If you thought Stranger Things couldn’t get any better, think again. Over the summer, Stranger Things 3 premiered with an even bigger audience than before. Netflix said that over 40 million people around the world watched the third season just within the first four days. This show has won a multitude of awards and won’t be stopping any time soon. The new season brings updated plot, characters, and thrill to audiences. Here’s why its success has only increased with the most recent season. 

In an interesting twist, Stranger Things 3 takes place over the Fourth of July instead of its usual fall setting. This creates a much-needed change of scenery. You might think the summery feel of ice cream and the brightly-colored mall make the show have less of a scare factor, but it’s done quite the opposite. In each episode, there are several parts where the characters are doing happy summer activities, then the scene abruptly switches to a gruesome image of the monster’s rampage through the mall, or the killing of people like Tom Holloway, owner of the Hawkins Post. A perfect example of this is in Chapter Seven, “The Bite,” during the Fourth of July fair. Kids are having a great time eating cotton candy and going on rides, just for the episode to end with Eleven finding a growth moving around in her leg wound. 

Stranger Things has always been fantastic at character development. This aspect of the show is what I believe to be one of the top reasons for its success, and has been a major component throughout the seasons. In season three, we see a new side of the characters, mainly the kids growing up. While they used to be obsessed with video games and “Dungeons and Dragons,” the kids now have their first girlfriends. Mike and Elle are on and off as they go through their fight with evil, as are Lucas and Max. They learn how to solve issues of friendship and romance that were not previously there in seasons one and two. 

Stranger Things 3 doesn’t just cater to young audiences. With characters like Hopper and Joyce, there’s plenty for adults to relate to as well. The show’s ability to capture both young and adult audiences is something rare, and a major part of their success. While we do see the kids go through school, first relationships, and growing up, we also see the problems of the adults. Hopper is stuck in how he should approach his discomfort with Elle and Mike’s relationship, and Joyce does her best to help him express himself. Through this, they become closer and friendlier than they had been before. 
These are all reasons why Stranger Things 3 is the best season yet. If you haven’t watched it yet, I definitely recommend that you do. And if you have, and loved it as I did, you can rest assured that it doesn’t end here—the Duffer Brothers have announced the coming of a fourth season next year, so be sure to keep a lookout for more action you won’t be able to stop watching.

Grade: A

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