Travis Scott Returns To The Top With His New Single “Highest In The Room”

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After a wild 2018 that certified him as an icon, Travis Scott is back like he never left (because he really didn’t). “Highest in The Room is the first single from the artist since the release of his platinum record Astroworld, back in the summer of 2018. Astroworld was an album that was packed with hits and helped carry Scott through the rest of 2018 and far into 2019. However, with the conclusion of his world tour and a few festival stops, La Flamme has returned with a new track to remind everyone who is still on top of the game right now. 

Scott previously previewed the song at some of his shows and in ad campaigns that helped to generate a lot of anticipation for the track. With help from “Sicko Mode” producer OZ and producer Nik D, Scott mixes his classic auto tuned infused vocals over a spacey beat to create an instant hit. He doesn’t get too experimental on the song, instead opting to stay closer to his classic formula and aim to create a banger for his real, rager fans. 

Throughout the three-minute track, Travis touches on his anxieties about being the most intoxicated person in the room and his hope to make it out without being detected. Additionally, sources have noted that the song may reference Scott’s relationship troubles in the wake of his recent breakup with Kylie Jenner. The lines “I’m doing a show I’ll be back soon, That ain’t what she wanna hear” and “You say you love me, don’t you lie” help support this theory and implicitly express Travis’s thoughts on his relationship.

Overall, this track showcases Scott in his element. Paired with a music video and a line of merchandise related to the song, the release of the track comes at a perfect time, since most of hip-hop’s biggest stars have been absent. While “Highest in the Room” is a pretty standard song for the artist, Travis Scott has shown that he is coming for it all and that nothing is slowing him down anytime soon. 

Rating: 8/10

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