Meet Our Team

General Manager

Meg Matthias

Meg Matthias is a Miami University senior studying creative writing, professional writing, and literature. She has worked as a social media marketer, copyeditor, and seasonal retail employee, but found her true love in radio. Outside of WMSR, she enjoys creating unrelatable Spotify playlists and working on the campus literary magazine Inklings Arts & Letters. She is an only child but asks that you not hold it against her.

Business Manager

Jake Ligmanowski

Jake is a senior majoring in strategic communication and English literature. Along with being the business manager at the radio station you can also find him in a haunting amount of other organizations and as a co-host of Jake and Logan’s Slogan Show, which nearly three people were tweeting about last year alone. Jake loves hiking, camping, and pretending like he knows how to confidently open a multitool by himself.

Senior Editor

Annie Eyre

Annie Eyre is a senior at Miami University studying creative writing and professional writing. She has been writing for WMSR for over a year, and co-hosts a weekly talk show with fellow exec member Meg Matthias. In her free time, she enjoys drinking concerning amounts of coffee and showing people pictures of her dogs.

Music Director

Sarah Gaddy

Sarah Gaddy is a senior at Miami University majoring in diplomacy and global politics and minoring in Arabic and music history. She loves music, movies, and traveling (she has been to over 12 different countries)! Originally starting as a member of the Music Committee, Sarah has since become hooked on experiencing new music through WMSR and looks forward to the new music yet to come!

Music Director

Clayton Tarantino

Clayton Tarantino is a senior at Miami University majoring in psychology and professionalwriting. Clayton has been a Music Director for Redhawk Radio since his junior year, and is also a co-host on the MUsick Countdown. When not at the station, Clayton enjoys reading books solely for the AR reading points and playing high-intensity collegiate quidditch.

Chief Engineer

Milena Brixey

Milena Brixey is a junior majoring in Computer Engineering at Miami University. As the new Chief Engineer, she is excited to help implement some modern software and hardware changes at the WMSR radio station. Although engineering takes up most of her time, she enjoys listening to music, working on her bullet journal, and obsessing over her Betta fish, Neptune.

Marketing Director

Kelly Milan

Kelly Milan is a senior at Miami University studying strategic communication and creative writing. Ever since her freshman year, Kelly has hosted her own radio show, Oxford on the Aux, where she plays all the classics—Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac—just to name a few. Besides her radio show, she enjoys creating podcasts regarding the ongoing gun violence happening on Chicago’s South and West sides.

Social Media Chair

Amanda Parel

Amanda Parel is a senior at Miami University studying creative writing and journalism with minors in Spanish and rhetoric. This is her first year with WMSR, and she’s excited to be a part of the team, especially since she now has an excuse to spend more time on Instagram. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and wandering the aisles of Target.

Sports Director

Ethan Finkelstein

Ethan Finkelstein is a junior at Miami University majoring in political science and strategic communication. He enjoys sports and politics and is a die-hard fan of his hometown NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights. He joined RedHawk Radio as a sophomore and has hosted a weekly sports radio show.

Website Coordinator

Jordan Janeway

Jordan is a senior working towards her degrees in Interactive Media studies and American studies. After studying mostly history and graphic design, she found a love of code-writing and development which she hopes she can blend with her graphic background into a career. She enjoys spending time with her anxious dog, Boggs, and nosy cat, Freya, who have become the sole features of her Instagram and Snapchat stories. When not at school, she can be found exploring trails and national parks, but is never opposed to exploring new cities as well.

Programming Director

Cassidy Hemm

Cassidy joined the team this semester and is excited to get started!

Events Coordinator

Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams is a senior at Miami University studying media and culture, psychology, and geography. She joined Redhawk Radio as a freshman and hosted To Be Determined for three years. In her free time, she enjoys listening to all kinds of music and traveling.

Events Coordinator

Ashley Marmer

Ashley Marmer is a senior at Miami University studying family science and psychology. Her sophomore year she joined WMSR as a member of the music committee and an occasional guest on the radio show of general manager Meg and editor Annie. In her free time, she can be found hiking, listening to music, or watching haunting amounts of Netflix in very short periods of time.

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