Camp Cryptid

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Hosted by Anna Simile and Shelby Lofty

Cryptids are those creatures that may or may not exist like bigfoot. In this podcast we will delve into the origin stories and sightings of these creatures. A dark comedy podcast where we talk about legends, cryptids, myths, anything spooky and creepy and interesting.

Episode 1: Let’s Get Cryptid

Anna and Shelby tackle two of the biggest legends in cryptozoology: Mothman and Bigfoot. Happy first episode!

Episode 2: Frogman or Dogman?

Shelby and Anna discuss the existence of the Loveland Frogman and the Flatwoods Monster.

Episode 3: Please Don’t Eat Your Friends

In this episode, Anna and Shelby discuss vibe checking Wendigoes and horrifying stories of skinwalkers.

Episode 4: And Then The Bodies Hit The Floor

Are you familiar with the panty boys from Fresno or the little vamps from Mexico? Anna and Shelby discuss the existence of the Nightcrawlers and the Chupacabra.

Episode 5: Big Meal for a Bigfoot

Proof that the Grafton Monster is real and that the Grassman is literally just a smelly version of bigfoot.