Our Shows: Fall 2018

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In Retrospect - 2:00pm

If you’re tired of the top 40's and want some bops, bangers, and jams that flew under the radar, then this is the show for you.

Bonk’s Box - 5:00pm

Could a cover song ever beat the original? How do pop songs relate to memory and association? Tune in to Bonk's Box to discover a new musical perspective curated by Rebecca Sowell.

Nightmare on Spring Street - 7:00pm

Hosts Danielle and Nicole take a deep dive into the cavernous hole of the horror genre. Armed with only their wits, they uncover the genre’s history, tropes, techniques, classics, and blunders.

Oxford on the Aux - 9:00pm

Oxford on the Aux offers a variety of music from Zeppelin to Frank Sinatra to John Mayer. We play what’s on our mind. Classic hits that bring you back in time. Occasionally, we’ll have guests hosts promoting their favorite jams. On top of that, we talk about the latest news making headlines around the world and bring in different guests to talk or debate about certain issues.

Woody Perceptions - 10:00pm

I'm going to talk about trees, mainly aesthetic value and completely opinionated. I am then going to proceed to draw inspirations from these trees and life events to prattle on for 50 minutes. Somewhat cultish.


Turn the Lights Aught - 10:00am

Turn the Lights Aught is a testament to the music of the early 2000s, looking to prove that it was one of the finest musical decades of our time.

The Wrap Around - 12:00pm

See What Happened Was - 4:00pm

An irrelevant talk show to take the edge off the day and make people laugh.

Heating Up with Ethan and Adam - 5:00pm

We will discuss and debate all of the hottest news in sports.

Stupid Spooks - 6:00pm

Join Gina and Kashia as they talk about various haunted locations from around the world and poke fun at the spooky and dumb situations.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Blog - 8:00pm

NOPASS Radio - 9:00pm

NOPASS radio highlights the best and most undiscovered electronic music in the industry. All genres are featured, and each week we showcase one up and coming producer.

Match Radio - 10:00pm

A combination talk show and music showcase, Match Radio brings some of Miami’s brightest minds together for round table discussions of current events, politics, music, movies, television, and life in Oxford, as well as reoccurring segments such as “What’s bugging you?”. Approaching its fourth year on WMSR, Match Radio has three new hosts and a newborn desire to bring humor, good music, and stimulating conversation into King Library cubicles and dorm rooms across campus.


Angry Black Girls - 10:00am

Renee and Jaylen are just two Black girls talking about life, love, and the pursuit of tea as we discuss what’s happening in pop culture and on campus while sharing some of our favorite bops.

Annie & Meg in the Morning - 3:00pm

Meg Matthias is a neutral-good aligned writer and English student at Miami University whose opinions on milk are problematic, yet brave. She is an only child, but asks that you don't hold it against her.  Annie "The True Neutral" Eyre is also a writer and English student at Miami University, although she will admit that she spends most of her free time smashing TV shows. She loves following the rules, staring blankly at her phone, and existing solely off of coffee & greek yogurt.  ​The Morning can be any time of day and thanks you for your time.  ​Together, they are Annie & Meg in the Morning.

MUsick Radio - 6:00pm

MUsick Radio brings in all kinds of music, all kinds of discussion topics, and all kinds of viewpoints. The four hosts are great friends, and have very different musical tastes. You will see a singer-songwriter, a rock musician, a music aficionado and a music analyst share their viewpoints and argue about the important points. No leaf is left unturned.

The Jake and Matt Show with Max and Jason - 8:00pm

Sports show, bringing you all the news and updates from the wide world of sports. Coverage of major sporting events, as well as predictions for upcoming games.

The Will and Ian Show - 9:00pm

Improv-based comedy with music and commentary.


The Right Sound - 1:00pm

Saturation; that’s the word that comes to mind when I think of music today. Never before has there been so much music, however, so much of it sounds the same. Let’s get back to originality. The Right Sound focuses on my favorite songs from each decade. Starting with the 60s, covering everything from The Grateful Dead to Zeppelin, and finishing with the 2010s, it’s my goal to spread good music. Although tastes may change, art does not age. While the show centers on rock and blues, other genres like rap, pop, and funk are also featured as the decades move on. The Right Sound is out there, you just have to look for it!

The Armstrong Angle - 3:00pm

Tune in to hear Taylor Armstrong's take on campus, state, and national politics & current events. From Oxford to Washington D.C., Taylor discusses anything under the sun of American Politics. Common Sense and Logic are used frequently throughout the show as he runs down the list of the top stories and happenings of the week. If you think the political world is boring, listen in and test your theory.   

Will’s Rare Finds - 8:00pm

If you are tired of the top 40's and want some bops, bangers, and jams that flew under the radar, then this is  the show for you.

Shuffle - 9:00pm

We attempt to shuffle our own music taste, our entire library of listening, from metal to indie, jazz to classical and everything in between. We also ask for odd and outstanding requests from the audience to add a bit of perspective to our outlook on music.


Hipstory Hop - 11:00am

Hip-Hop is a genre of music with some of the greatest diversity in its nearly Fifty-year history in the music industry. Hipstory Hop aims to provide listeners with a diverse selection of Hip-Hop history’s greatest tracks. From Sugar Hill Gang to Cardi B hip-hop represents are an evolutionary musical genre, that’s always a good time to listen to.

Alphabet Soup - 12:00pm

This show will be half an hour of music and half an hour of talking to a random stranger found on Tinder.

Jake and Logan’s Slogan Show - 3:00pm

With somewhat witty banter, deep discussions, and awesome music, this triple-threat show treats your earbuds to everything you didn’t know you needed to hear. Tune in each week for our takes on recently released movies and music, as well as our occasional yet riveting discussions that keep college kids coming back each week. Our music tends to lean towards folk, jazz, and indie, but ultimately if something good comes along we won’t hesitate to let it play.

Maggot Brain - 6:00pm

Our show is dedicated to hitting on all the high notes of less publicized genres that we think deserve more kudos. Each week, we will discuss a different thought-provoking topic of interest that pairs well with our selected songs- think wine and cheese but with music and philosophy. So plug in your headphones, grab a snack, turn on your most ambient mood lighting, sink down on a couch, and join us.