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An American Perspective

A field podcast based on travels in various different Europeans cities, hosted by Rebecca Sowell. Partnered with Radio ARA Luxembourg (Graffiti Radio) and WMSR Redhawk Radio.

Episode One: Amsterdam
Episode Two: Spain

News Now

In this podcast, ENG 495 students Ari Salhi, MaKayla Reichert, and Nick Tracewell question the way people choose to consume media and politics. College Republicans representative Kenny Hawkins and College Democrats representative Adrian Radilla share their personal experiences with partisan news and the value of crossing partisan lines. Colleen Grimm and Henry Roach also share their insight into why they tend to stay on partisan lines when looking for information but, additionally, why they value being open in straying into more moderate territory for the sake of staying informed.

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Featured Music:
Start Your Day! by Nicolai Heidlas
Uplifting by Mixaund