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Listen to episodes of your favorite WMSR podcasts by clicking each podcast's logo.

Another White Boy Podcast

Hosted by Jake Ligmanowski


Camp Cryptid

Hosted by Anna Simile and Shelby Lofty

Cryptids are those creatures that may or may not exist like bigfoot. In this podcast we will delve into the origin stories and sightings of these creatures. A dark comedy podcast where we talk about legends, cryptids, myths, anything spooky and creepy and interesting.

The Snap!

Hosted by Meg Matthias and Annie Eyre

Two uniformed girls watch the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe filmography in order.

Heating Up: The Podcast

Hosted by Ethan Finkelstein and Adam Raab

A sports talk podcast with two guys who don’t agree on anything.

Not Very Funny Presents: You Took It Too Far

Hosted by Charlie Clark

Not Very Funny’s comedian Charlie Clark will be hosting a podcast that revolves around a weekly guest to discuss daily absurdities, campus happenings, and any other topic that is pertinent to the show. A comedy podcast about everything and anything, and sometimes, we’ll take it too far!

The Big Four

Hosted by Nathan Gillin and John Naizer

College is an interesting time for, well, college students. So much is going on in our lives, from studying, finding jobs, joining organizations, and finding time to relax and have fun. Hosts Nathan Gillin and John Naizer are here to keep you in the loop about some things, both on and off campus. The podcast is known as “The Big Four” because of the four main topics to be covered: Sports (Miami and Professional), Entertainment (Music, Movies, TV, etc.), News (Politics, World Events, National, and Local), and College Life. College Life will specifically cover things that John and Nathan have gone through during the week, as well as features of Miami and other campuses that are particularly (un)desirable. Special guests will be making appearances often, joining in on the fun that is The Big Four Podcast. Give it a listen!

1600 Penn-Smell-Vania Avenue

Hosted by Jordan Janeway and Alex Hotchkiss

Theodore Roosevelt obviously smelled like the woods, campfires, and leather. Based solely on their name and a picture, we guess what each president smelled like and why they would smell that way. Tune in for a discussion about what the US was like during each presidents' reign and what they accomplished during that time.

Alphabet Soup

Hosted by Hassen Bin Hamid

This show is wild. Each podcast, a new guest host will come on the air to talk deep about what they do, how they do it, and why. If your are looking for something worth listening to, this is it!


Hosted by Harrison Makee

This podcast will be a combination of many different topics and ideas that are relevant to Miami University and Miami students. The goal is to provide entertaining content regularly that is suitable for all in Oxford.

The Tool Shop

Hosted by Isaac Weycker

Me and my buddy Billy Porter are looking to make a podcast similar to Pardon My Take and Spittin Chiclets. We both listen to those pods every week, and think we could do a really good job of entertaining people and informing them about sports and life.

Yabbering With Zane

Hosted by Zane Sexton

A comedy audio drama about the zany adventures of a narcisstic Radio show host, Yabbering with Zane follows a Zane trying to make it to the big-time while going on weird adventures.