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The Bridges Scholars Podcast

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Show Us The Money

Hosted by Aiden McKeon and Kyle Baesman

Glamoflauge is a set of conversations between Aidan and Kyle, two good friends with vastly different upbringings, views, and identities, with the goal of broadening each others' horizons and raising each others' consciousnesses, laughing all the way.


Hosts: Allison Haeger and Somnia Keesey

Hollywood: Hype or Hoax?

Hosted by Hannah Lewis

Do you love the movies? Well, in a time with a little less theater and a little more streaming, one passionate movie lover decided to revisit the classics. Here Hannah discusses movies from the famous “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” list. From Georges Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon (1902) to Joker (2019), she will discuss how they made it onto the list and her own personal takes on their hype.

The Young Patriots

Hosted by Theadore DeRosa and Alexandria Lowe

Hosted by the editors of The Miami Patriot, The Young Patriots provides a conservative and patriotic perspective on the issues impacting our campus community and nation. Covering everything from local news to national politics and culture, we offer an alternative voice to mainstream narratives.

No, BUT Seriously Tho...

Hosted by Sarah Kubican and Maddison McQueen

Just two friends talking about unserious topics with serious opinions. Each week our hosts choose a subject that they have passionate opinions about and elaborate on it, sometimes in humorous ways. WARNING: there will be several tangents and countless rants.

Sports and Stuff

Hosted by Jacob Lowe

A sports show where Jacob Lowe talks about different sports and his opinions while speaking to guests and listening to what they have to say.