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The Power of Advice: Digital Sisterhood through the “to my sisters,” Podcast, by Karla Garcia

Throughout the last year, I’ve been an avid listener of the to my sisters, (TMS) podcast. This show prides itself as an online community dedicated to self-growth, wellness, and friendship. Since its debut in 2020, TMS has created a global sisterhood of women “dedicated to glowing and growing together.” Hosted by London influencers Courtney Daniella Boateng and Renee Kapuku, TMS has garnered over 57 thousand YouTube subscribers and over 175 thousand listens on Spotify.

Listening to this podcast has truly changed my life and inspired me to embark on my own self-growth journey. Although we all face many challenges, the power of advice through learning from those we call our “sisters” can always help us get to our destination. 

As college students, we can benefit from advice, as life sometimes seems like a never-ending cycle of classes, assignments, projects, work, etc. I often find myself so stuck in a loop of to-do lists that I forget that I am a person first and a student second. Yes, we are getting deep and existential. 

However, being an undergraduate and constantly comparing your LinkedIn page to your peers makes this philosophy difficult to believe. How do we stop this toxic behavior? 

According to Courtney and Renee, we must ask ourselves, “Why am I rushing?” and center our lives on what is truly important: love for ourselves and others. 

I am thankful that TMS has opened my eyes and ears to the possibilities beyond productivity. Through this podcast, I have come to understand that self-worth doesn’t lie in what you produce, but in who you are.

As Courtney puts it, “The mental glow-up is deciding: Who do I want to be? What do I want to stand for? And how will I live my life day to day?” 

While figuring out these answers and practicing them may take years, being a part of a community that acknowledges the struggles of young adulthood is extremely helpful for surviving in this modern culture.

So, next time you need some advice, search for the TMS podcast and listen to these standout episodes: 

In this segment, the sisters explore their faith and the highs and lows of the year. Courtney discusses the importance of rest and emotional intelligence to overcome the “wilderness” seasons of life. Renne emphasizes her spiritual journey as focused on “timing” and the need to heal past traumas before moving forward. 

Standout quote: “I think that especially from the beginning of this year, choosing to lean into the simple things that bring me [joy] has made my days so enjoyable. Like I have things to look forward to throughout my day” (46:45). 

In this episode, Courtney and Renee examine the challenges of maintaining healthy relationships and the dichotomy of vulnerability and risk. The duo share their experiences dealing with mental fears, low self-esteem, and negative behaviors. The sisters also critique the idea of “self-punishment” as a response mechanism to failure. 

Standout quote: “It’s okay to fail you know, I think that there is so much stigma around falling because we allow it to become our identity as opposed to something that has happened” (0:10).

Focusing on the realities of human ambition, societal pressures and self-hatred, Renee explores the importance of establishing a “healthy image of ourselves” to accomplish our goals and feel worthy of celebrating them. However, the sisters also discuss the nature of jealousy, entitlement, and the fine line between self-care and procrastination. Courtney shares that while self-growth isn’t easy, it’s necessary to cultivate discipline to find happiness. 

Standout quote: “Because we are living in a culture that glorifies instant gratification, discipline becomes harder because you become counter-cultural” (27:19).

If you enjoy listening to stories, love advice and appreciate British English, do yourself a favor and stream the “to my sisters,” podcast. Get inspired to embark on a journey of personal development and join Courtney and Reene in their mission to “facilitate growth and healing” for women and listeners around the world. Spring break is over, and it’s time to get the ball rolling again. Why not receive some motivation from this duo to help you finish the semester strong? Check out their podcast and dive deeper into the world of sisterhood and wellness wisdom. 

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