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Album Reviews

Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper

Lil Dicky’s “The Professional” does what no other joke rapper before him has ever successfully achieved, and that is an album that not only makes fun of rap’s obvious tropes, but also uses them to craft a listenable and impressively creative body of work.  Lil Dicky(a.k.a. David Burd) has the lyrical skills to carry the intricate stories and flows that an album with such high caliber beats such as this requires.  The album rarely feels forced thanks to the sincerity of Lil Dicky’s delivery and his unflinching lyrical content that manages to not go overboard despite some of the topics ...

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Telekinesis - Ad Infinitum

I really enjoyed this album. It sounds like an entire band (and used to be a band of four) but its really just one man (Michael Benjamin Lerner) and he is really talented. This album has a really interesting sound with influences from what sounds like indie rock, electronic, and a little bit of pop. This is an album I would definitely listen to on my own. What I really liked about this album was that each song sounded different which might sound ridiculous but sometimes, with this electronic indie type of music, it can easily all sound similar. However, ...

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Buckman Coe - Malama Ka ‘Aina

Buckman Coe strives to capture the island reggaeton feel of 2014’s massive pop hit Rude by the Canadian band MAGIC! unsuccessfully with a heavy hand of overly “rasta-fied” lyrics and a poorly executed accent to back them up.  The lack of ambition sonically to stretch the genre firmly plants this album in the bin of Bob Marley wannabes without the character and authenticity to back up the message behind it all.  Two standout tracks that make absolutely no sense in being on the album are “After All” and “Rubber Bands” which both could have served as an excellent direction for ...

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