WMSR Redhawk Radio is our campus’s source of live entertainment, pop culture or sports
coverage, and more. We’re home to music lovers, show hosts, sports buffs, entertainment
writers... The list goes on.

Circa 1980s to now, our shows have given local listeners a collegiate perspective on new music,
live sports, or college-appropriate antics. One of our top priorities is our listeners, but make no
mistake: WMSR is a social space before a workspace. We put our fun first, then share it on the
air for all of campus to enjoy.

It’s simple to start a show, talk music, cover sports, or write articles with us.

Wanna join?

We thought so.  

Radio Stream

Redhawk Radio Campus Studio

221C Williams Hall

305 S. Oak St. 

Oxford, OH 45056

Spring 2022 Radio Show Calendar


Redhawk Rewind

Left of the Dial

Can I Shazam This?

The Armstrong Angle

Talk Too Much


Psych Mike

Main Character Mix

Anoid TV

That's One Big Pile of Show


Alternative Music Lyrics Annotated

Vampire Weekday

Avant-Garbage Fire

Coffee Shop Water


Wallowing in Your Own Madness

Project Mixtape Archive

Wayward Leaves


Are You Experienced?

Party for One

Miami's Latin Music

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