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Our Summer Bangers: One Sentence Staff Picks

The weather is warming up, flowers are blooming - summer is so clearly on the horizon. With Miami’s spring semester coming to a close, we at Redhawk Radio know the importance of having a stacked summer playlist. Whether you’re spending this summer by the beach or in a new part of town, we’ve got some songs that’ll brighten your mood as the sunlight does. As we hop into summer, make sure to wear your SPF, pack your favorite beach towel and add these songs to your 2024 summertime playlist for the best vibes. 


Ant Pile by Dominic Fike

Victoria Marx

Ant Pile is electric, lined with notes of Floridian citrus paired with early adolescent nostalgia and an infectious melody.

Remember Summer Days by Anri

Joseph Wiparina

Anri effortlessly captures an idealistic narrative of summer, like a lost lover or a nostalgic memory,

Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter 

Ava Shaffer 

Sabrina Carpenter’s new song is vintage summertime in a bottle accompanied by an upbeat synth-pop sound and carefree sunny lyrics like “my give-a-fucks are on vacation.”

Rachel Foley

I don't know if it's the addicting melodies or the subtle flexes of knowing your significant other is obsessed with you, but this song has been stuck in my head since its release.

SLOW DAYS by Fishmans

Henri Robbins 

Fishmans encapsulates such a chill and easygoing energy that it's impossible not to smile when you put them on; it's summer music in the most relaxed way possible, perfect for a cool drink in a reclining lawn chair. 

Roller Coaster by NMIXX

Karla Garcia 

This song is the perfect pool-side track; its blissful vibe and bubbly sound make summer "so incredible." 

Sleepyhead by Passion Pit

Gwen Engelhart

The infectious melody of this song always reminds me of summer nights with my best friends. 

Good Days by SZA 

Megan Harrison 

You can feel the wind rushing through your hair and the golden heat of summer with the ease of the beat and angelic melodies, making optimism the default for your favorite memories in the sunshine. 

1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins

Braeden Pelko 

Summer is all about having fun and making memories with your friends; this song is about saving those moments while you can. 

Summer by Good Kid 

Ethan K. Poole

A good summer song should either make you feel nostalgic or let you imagine a better future; this song does both.

Cinderella by Remi Wolf 

Emma Rudkin

This song’s playful beat and jazzy elements make me yearn for summertime car rides with the sunroof open!

Feels Like Summer by Childish Gambino 

Rachel Watkins 

As soon as you press play, you can instantly feel the sticky summertime heat - the song's title speaks for itself: this song feels like summer. 

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Joseph Wiparina
Joseph Wiparina
May 03

Fishmans mentioned!

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