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Country Music Takeover: Why is it becoming more mainstream?, by RedHawk Radio Writers

More and more non-country artists are entering the country music scene. The music scene has become the Wild West. No artist’s niche genre, whether pop, R&B, or indie, is safe from the infringement of the country music takeover that is upon the music industry. With the diminishing of the phrases, “Oh, I listen to all genres of music besides country music,” out on the horizon, you might be asking yourself: why is country music becoming more mainstream? At RedHawk Radio, we are here to provide answers. So, let’s take a ride and explore our unexcepted country music favorites as of late. 

“Lose Control” by Teddy Swims 

Pick by Karla Garcia 

I enjoyed “Lose Control” for its Americana influences and pop-rock sound. Swims’ vocal tone and powerful deliverance are impressive and take country music to a new level. This mixing of music styles, relatable lyrics, and top-tier melodies is what continues to popularize the country genre. 

“Pickup Man” by HIXTAPE, Joe Diffie, and Post Malone 

Pick by Rachel Foe 

Post Malone has the perfect voice for country, and aesthetically, that seems to be the turn he is taking with his career. Originally from the 1990s, this song is remastered with an impressive new twist of bringing on Post Malone. He and Joe sound great together, and this song takes me right back to the 90s country my parents used to listen to when I was younger. 

“Yoü and I” by Lady Gaga 

Pick by Ava Shaffer 

The country music genre can really transport someone to a specific time and place. Many country song lyrics evoke sensory experiences for an audience, reminding them of where they were when they had their first heartbreak or heard certain bad news. In Lady Gaga’s “You and I,” she sings, “something, something about this place.” In this song, she’s singing of nostalgia for Nebraska and a long-gone relationship. Like Gaga, more artists are using country music to reflect on the past and write about their memories surrounding a specific place in time, both emotionally and physically. 

Pick by Gwen Englehart 

Covering John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and announcing her new album Lasso, Lana Del Rey has clearly indicated a deeper immersion into Americana and a country sound. As a fan of bluegrass, folk, and outlaw country, I have high expectations for the new record. I anticipate that she will unequivocally deliver. 

Pick by Ethan K. Poole

By the strictest possible definition, this may not be traditional country music. However, Semler’s acoustic queer worship music, infused with shades of Americana, definitely has much of the same appeal as modern country music. It brings a fresh perspective into the genre, and any fan of the vibes of new country would find a lot to love in Semler.

Pick by Abby Adamson 

I’ll be the first to say it: I am by no means a country music fan. In fact, I usually avoid country; however, Tyler Childers is one of my exceptions to this rule because of the blend of country and folk within his music. By itself, country isn’t a genre in my usual rotation, but when met with a singer-songwriter sound, I suddenly find it tolerable. Tyler Childers mixes a unique combination of storytelling, guitar and the feeling of being inside a Cracker Barrel to produce records I absolutely adore.

Pick by Emma Rudkin

Mitski’s seventh studio album, The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We, demonstrates the permeation of country elements into the indie rock genre. While Mitski’s music has always been somewhat genre-bending, a prime example being Be The Cowboy’s electronic elements, this 2023 album features acoustic instrumentals behind the familiarly heartbreaking and vulnerable songs that one comes to expect from Mitski. The album contains a lot of acoustic guitar, drums played with brushes, and country-influenced piano to create a cohesive, heavily country-inspired record that is a welcome addition to Mitski’s discography. 


Pick by Rachel Watkins 

Okay, I would be doing this article a complete injustice if I did not mention Beyoncé’s new album, COWBOY CARTER. This album is a country album and so much more. Country music was built on musical sharing, an apparent element in COWBOY CARTER with the intermixing of genres. So yes, COWBOY CARTER is a country album, but it’s also a Beyoncé album. As many other non-country artists have begun entering the country music sphere, they are diversifying country music by bringing a new sound and fan base. The diversification of country is why I think we are seeing the diminishing of the phrase “Oh, I listen to all genres of music besides country music,” because that statement is becoming more convoluted as more and more of our favorite artists start creating and entering the genre.

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