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Exposing Our Spotify Wrapped Top Song of the Year: One Sentence Staff Picks

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay made their yearly return Nov. 29 and Nov. 28 respectively. Regardless of the music and audio streaming app of choice, users flooded to social media to share their listening habits with friends. The members of RedHawk Radio are not immune to this urge, so please enjoy as we reveal our top songs and explain why you should give them a listen.

“3rd Planet” by Modest Mouse 

Jocelyn Gale: writer. 

It is three minutes and 58 seconds of imaginative lyricism that somehow makes your heart thump and flutter within the same beat. 

“Ready or Not” by Shakey Graves, feat. Sierra Ferrell

GraciAnn Hicks: senior editor, show host. 

As someone graduating soon, I returned time and again to the perfect combination of mesmerizing harmonies and hard-hitting lyrics about life’s different phases.

“Get Got” by Death Grips

Henri Robbins: chief engineer, assistant editor, writer.

I honestly can't recommend it.

Katie Whitehead: show host.

The song actually isn’t death metal at all; it expresses an ethereal calmness that feels like gracefully flowing down a river.

Karla Garcia: writer.

“Good & Great” by KEY is groovy, and I resonate with the song’s lyrics: “I'm good, I'm great / Thank God all day.” 

“Low” by SZA

I love “Low” because it’s a song that unapologetically embraces “sneaky link” energy instead of tearing people down for their relationships; everyone deserves to feel like a bad bitch, which is why you should give Low a listen.

Ryan Rosu: show host.

No one makes use of the jaw harp better than Leonard Cohen.

Ethan K. Poole: writer.

Above everything else, the vibes of this song are just immaculate and well-worth listening to.

“Death by Laundry” by Sarah Crean 

Eoin Young: show host, music committee member.

It’s such a unique sound, and everyone should support the ongoing Irish music renaissance.

“Clementine” by Elliott Smith

Gwen Engelhart: music committee member.

Perfect lyricism and perfect musicality make for the perfect song.

Lauren Tolliver: music director, writer.

This is the second year in a row that “Always Forever” has been my top song; give it a listen and you’ll understand how I never get tired of it.

“Bags” by Clairo

Emma Schaefer: music committee member.

It feels very empowering, and I love the rhythm of this sad-happy song.

Jonathan Mirau: show host.

I’ve been listening to it a ton, and it makes me feel amazing.

“Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” by PinkPantheress and Ice Spice

Emma Rudkin: writer, show host.

I found myself coming back to “Boy’s a Liar” throughout the year even as its popularity waned; it just has a fresh, peppy vibe to it that still captivates me a year later.

“Laid” by James

Chloe Southard: music director, show host.

Honestly, I heard this song in American Pie, and it just goes crazy. 

“I Bet You Think About Me” by Taylor Swift, feat. Chris Stapleton

Rachel Foley: writer.

Taylor perfectly expresses the satisfying feeling of knowing everything reminds your ex of you in this harmonica-heavy tune.

Anna Finkell: music committee member.

This is my top song because the lyrics have a lot of meaning, and it was incredible when I saw it live.

“Duvet” by bôa 

Nya Hodge: assistant editor, writer, show host, music committee member.

This song is heaven on earth — it’s truly a haunting, enchanting encapsulation of heartbreak.

“Let The Light In” by Lana Del Rey, feat. Father John Misty

Makenzie McVey: show host.

This song will age like fine wine; our children will find this song on a future media app and be like: “ughhhh to live in the ’20s.”


Our top songs are decades old and brand new alike, and the artists hail from a variety of genres. But we loved one song more than any other. It stood out as the unofficial RedHawk Radio song of the year: 

Mary Hines: general manager, show host.

Not only is this song such an introspective take on what it feels like to have anxiety, but it’s also a song you can cry and dance to between the beautiful vocals and amazing production.

Abby Adamson: writer. 

“Not Strong Enough” is one of boygenius’ biggest hits, and for good reason — it’s danceable and energetic, yet it explores the melancholy feeling of not being good enough for someone else.

Ellie Irish: web programmer, show host, music committee member.

Who doesn’t love gut-wrenching lyrics accompanied by a funky little beat?

To expand your musical horizons, check out a playlist featuring all our top songs of the year!

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