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JYP’s New Global Girl Group: VCHA, by Karla Garcia

If you enjoy girl groups like Kep1er and XG, consider listening to VCHA: a global team made up of artists Lexi, Camila, Kendall, Savanna, KG and Kaylee. This K-pop-inspired group is on the rise with over 7 million views on their music video Y.O.Universe.”

The members’ talents in gymnastics, ballet and dance make this team fun to watch. VCHA’s “Y.O.Universe” choreography features high kicks, striking arm motions and hip-hop inspired moves.

Their music is upbeat and inspiring. I enjoy VCHA’s pop sound and playful vocals as the group’s cheerful concept uplifts my mood.

South Korean label JYP Entertainment and Republic Records formed the group through the show America 2 Korea — which aims to find American talent to train and debut under the K-pop system.

I found it to be very similar to Nizi Project, the competitive program that created one of my favorite Japanese girl groups NiziU. Like Nizi Project, A2K evaluated the participants on their singing, dancing and stage presence. Among the participants, Lexi’s charisma and dynamic dance moves gained my attention — and she instantly became my favorite member.

VCHA’s EP SeVit (NEW LIGHT) includes songs Y.O.Universe,” “Go Getter and Know Me Like That.” The EP features a mix of bubblegum pop and pop-rock, accompanied by youthful vocals and rap.

The title song “Y.O.Universe” boasts more than 1 million streams on Spotify and is featured on YouTube Music’s K-pop Rising playlist. The song speaks to the struggle of following your dreams, and it offers an encouraging message: “There's no one just like you / In the universe / No regrets, go and get / All that you deserve.” Listening to this chorus gives me a boost of dopamine and makes me dance across my living room every time.

“Go Getter” focuses on teenage love and female empowerment with lyrics like: “I switch it up, it's not Romeo and Juliet / Who says it can't be Juliet and Romeo? / I'll sing underneath his balcony.” I like this message because it breaks down the social stereotype of women as submissive characters. Moreover, as an English major, I appreciate the reference to classic literature.

“Know Me Like That” has a powerful sound. The instrumental mixes an electric guitar with a muted bass and synthesizer, creating a pop-rock song. The hook is very repetitive, but the catchy pre-chorus makes up for it. While not my favorite track, its “I walk the walk, I talk the talk” theme foretells VCHA’s determination to make it in the music industry.

The song also reminds me of Lesserafim’s “No Celestial” due to its edgy rhythm and message of overcoming fear by being your true self.

As a global act, VCHA will likely expand its popularity outside of America and Korea. The future holds great promise for the members as they will continue to release uplifting, upbeat and fun music. I’m eager to see how VHCA will expand on its “girl next door” concept to showcase even more powerful and inspiring performances.

In the meantime, I will keep listening to SeVit (NEW LIGHT) as a mood booster and a way to cheer on my favorite A2K member Lexi Vang.

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