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Our Absurd Music Takes: Staff Picks

Although some might classify these absurd music takes as awful recommendations, we are here to argue the opposite. These absurd soundtracks, bands or artists are the perfect addition to spice up any playlist. We promise you and your ears won’t regret it.

Emma Schaefer: music committee member.

I’m guessing not many people listen to this soundtrack, and it’s a random take, so that’s probably what makes it labeled absurd, but I don’t care. I have loved this soundtrack since it was released when I was in 2nd grade, so much so that I got the CD for Christmas. My best friend and I used to listen to the soundtrack together, and we were obsessed; I would play it on my little battery-powered radio. The classics such as “We Built This City by Starship and Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard by Paul Simon add to this album’s nostalgia. 

Abby Adamson: writer. 

Mommy Long Legs is an uncharacteristic band for my usual Spotify habits—the pop-punk group’s crunchy guitar and wild lyrics are a drastic change from my usual picks like Gregory Alan Isakov and Lizzy McAlpine. They’re the kind of band I usually listen to with headphones in, mostly due to their harsh, raucous sound. Lyrics such as “Hurl, hurl, hurl on sorority girls/ I wanna spew, spew, spew on fraternity dudes” (sorry, Miami Greek life) from their song Sorority Girls” feel absurd to my ears, but their angsty sound gets stuck in my head anyway.

Karla Garcia: writer. 

Although her voice sounds very young—as her vocal skills are still developing, her delivery works well with her Kidz-Bop-like aesthetic. Tracks like Butterflies, Yesterday, and Tea Party stand out due to their quality production and fun lyrics. If these songs were to be re-recorded and released in the future, Piper would have surely gone mainstream (her voice would be and sound more mature). While some may call her work “absurd,” Piper’s songs are not horrible, maybe a bit cringy, but still a good listen. 

Megan Harrison: marketing director, writer, assistant editor. 

I don’t know many people who listen to Glee covers, likely because they come across as some weird Kids Bop variant. However, Glee Cast covers are excellent; they simultaneously poke fun at and beautifully deliver popular songs and artists from different eras. The Glee Cast is one reason why I know so much music. It is a bit absurd because the show itself is so unhinged, but I 100% stand behind the belief that some Glee covers are better than the original songs they pull from.  

Rachel Foley: writer.

While it may not exactly sound “absurd,” not many people choose to listen to the Glee Cast version of songs over the original. Close to zero Glee Cast songs are bad, and few are worse than the original. I’d even say that some of the Glee versions blow the original out of the water. Do yourself a favor, check out Smooth Criminal,” and never listen to Michael Jackson’s version again. 

Chole Southard: music executive & radio show cohost.

I stumbled upon the Smiths while I was in eighth grade. I immediately found myself drawn to their indie sound, and, yes, I know Morrissey is a diabolical person, but I can’t force myself to give up their music. Besides Morrissey’s wretched behavior, The Smiths’ music has been claimed by the incels of the world, which makes admitting that I listen to them even more embarrassing. Regardless, The Queen Is Dead is one of the greatest indie albums of all time, and I’ve come to terms with being a Smiths fan.

Rachel Watkins: senior editor. 

Bladee is paving the way for artists to create more genre-fluid music. Upon a first listen to songs like “It Girl,” “BBY,” “Be Nice 2 Me,” and “HAHAH,” you might jump to labeling Bladee’s music as “absurd.” In a way, it is, but in a very good way! No one is quite creating music anywhere near as innovative as the artist.

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