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Our Favorite Underground Artists: One Sentence Staff Picks

Pick by Ellie Irish: programmer, radio show co-host, and music committee member. 

I’ve been loving this band for five years now; they make indie pop music in their apartment in NYC, and they have the potential to be big rock stars. 

Recommended Song: “Green Vision”

Pick by Braeden Pelko: writer. 

The Toxhards are a prog rock band with a unique sense of humor, whether it’s writing rock operas about pig-like gods or a psychedelic pop rock song about drinking coffee. 

Recommended Song: Ængus, The Prize-Winning Hog 

Pick by Rachel Foley: writer. 

His mix of sounds across albums is incredible.

Recommended Song: welcome to hell” 

Pick by Ava Shaffer: writer.

Eliza McLamb is a lyrical genius; sharp yet optimistic lyrics capture what it is to be a modern woman, and her voice is gorgeous. 

Recommended Song: Mythologize Me” 

Pick by Lauren Tolliver: music director. 

I wouldn’t say Dayglow is small anymore, but he was one of my first introductions into the indie pop world; his music is so fun and makes me feel like I am in a coming-of-age movie! 

Recommended Song: “Fuzzybrain”

Pick by Megan Harrison: marketing director, writer, assistant editor. 

I’m new to the Del Water Gap hype, but it’s everything I look for in music: sweet lyrics, fun instrumentals and the kind of carefree summer vibe I’m always chasing. 

Pick by Abby Adamson

Blake Rouse, with only 10,000 listeners on Spotify, is one of my all-time favorite independent artists; his singer-songwriter sound, paired with introspective lyrics about Colorado and a bittersweet definition of home, is gut-wrenchingly beautiful.

Recommended Songs: Estes Park or If I See A Road

Pick by Ethan K. Poole: writer. 

Over the Garden Wall is a show I adore, and when I heard her cover of Into the Unknown,” I was blown away at how it, and many of her other songs, managed to have a unique, haunting energy.

Pick by Karla Garcia: writer. 

suggi knows how to produce melodic and refreshing tracks—his laid-back style never disappoints! 

Pick by Rachel Watkins: senior editor. 

It makes me sad at night to think singer-songwriter Isaac Dunbar has yet to blow up because he is so incredibly deserving of his flower; making music since 2018, his vulnerability and voice have carried a discography worth shouting out. 

Recommend Song: “Fool’s Paradise”

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