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Our Go-To Love Songs That Are Perfect for Sharing Your Earbuds: One Sentence Staff Picks

It’s February, which means love is in the air big time! Although we, the RedHawk Radio staff, believe love deserves celebration all year round, we recognize the extra attention love receives in February. Regardless of whether you hate Valentine’s Day or love it, in honor of love, we have chosen our favorite love songs to share with you and your loved one. 

Pick from Abby Adamson: writer.  

Simple, sweet and acoustic — these are the ingredients Ross combines to capture the feeling of being seen and loved as a person rather than an object, making “We’ll Never Have Sex” my go-to love song.

“STARSTUD” by Matt Watson and Sarah Bonito

Pick from Emma Rudkin: show host, writer. 

This song has always captivated me because it encapsulates the joy of falling in love with somebody, reflected by its playful lyrics and overall lighthearted sonic palette. 

Pick from Eleanor Prytherch: writer. 

This song is an organic, teasing folk-country tale that celebrates the nostalgia, humor and hope of unconditional love.

Pick from Megan Harrison: marketing director, assistant editor, writer. 

You feel the intensity and passion of love through the swell of the instruments, and for a song without words, I think it conveys the feeling of being drawn to another person better than most. 

“Love Theory” by TAEYONG & Wonstein 

Pick from Karla Garcia: writer. 

The song’s playful instrumental and lyrics: “I think I’m falling in you deeply and slowly” and “I need you,” melt my heart and ears. 

“Okay My Love” by The Sha La Das

Pick from Lauren Tolliver: music director. 

This song makes me feel like I am driving on the coast while taking pictures on film of my valentine.

“I Found A Reason” by The Velvet Underground 

Pick from Gwen Engelhart: music committee member. 

This is my favorite love song because it makes me think of my best friend. 

“Our House” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Pick from Emma Schaefer: music committee member. 

This song focuses on the simplicity of love and how beautiful it is to be loved, and I find that very beautiful. 

“Running” by No Doubt 

Pick from Ellie Irish: programmer, show co-host, music committee member. 

I think we are all running after whatever Gwen and Tony had. 

“Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service

Pick from Jocelyn Gale: writer. 

I find that the song’s first line always finds its way into my brain whenever I’m feeling particularly romantic. 

“Secret - Acoustic” by Crystalyne 

Pick from Ethan K. Poole: writer. 

It’s a fun, airy pop song about a hidden relationship: what more could you ask for?

“Lover” by Taylor Swift 

Pick from Grace Wilson: music committee member. 

It describes a young relationship perfectly. 

“Glue Song” by beabadoobee 

Pick from Rachel Watkins: senior editor, writer. 

Short and sweet, this song perfectly encapsulates the warm, gooey feeling you feel inside when you are in love with someone.

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