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Podcasts to Help You Get Your Sh*t Together, by Cecelia Johanni

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The term “adulting,” a word I once blissfully ignored, now invokes involuntary fear. With graduation approaching, I’ve found myself in need of guidance as I enter the scary world of adulting. So, I turned to podcasts. Here are three podcasts to help anyone in need of some serious life advice.

The Financial Feminist

The Financial Feminist is a podcast hosted by Tori Dunlap. Founder of the finance education business Her First 100k, Dunlap dedicates herself to helping women achieve financial stability. This show includes standard hour-long episodes, as well as short, digestible uploads.

I decided to give episode 10, titled “How to Live More Sustainably (For the Planet and Your Money a listen. This episode featured Moji Ingun, a small business sustainability consultant. This conversation revolved around how saving both the earth and money is possible. Ingun suggested choosing a specific niche, such as clothing, and finding ways to make that a sustainable and money-saving area of life. She then explained that ditching fast fashion, the practice of buying inexpensive and faulty clothes often made in poor working conditions, is a great way to reduce waste production. Swapping this shopping habit with buying ethically sourced, well-made clothing would lead to a longer wear time, ultimately saving money in the long run.

One important thing to note is that not everyone is able to lessen their waste in drastic ways. Both Ingun and Dunlap assured viewers that focusing on financial stability is the priority. If you are unable to buy better quality clothes due to budget constraints, it’s okay to hit up your local Goodwill, or even a chain retail store without shame.

The inclusivity of this podcast is, excuse my pun, priceless. The Financial Feminist aims to foster empowerment. It demonstrates that it’s okay to build your wealth up from the deep pit of student loans because we all have to start somewhere.

NPR Life Kit

Next, I listened to a few episodes of NPR Life Kit. As the name suggests, this podcast is produced by National Public Radio (NPR) and features different life skills and advice related to independent adult life. Episodes range from applying for FAFSA to coming out. This wide range of topics ensures that listeners will gain something from the series.

As someone on a limited income, I wanted to explore the financial advice the podcast had to offer. The episode “5 Steps to Eating Healthy On a Budget '' was a great listen, especially as a college student. Some tips, like buying frozen produce to last longer, I was already familiar with. However, I still learned some new information.

I’m a big fan of canned veggies and beans, but didn’t know that something as simple as rinsing them washed out the salt that acts as a preservative. This means paying extra for low sodium items is nothing to worry about. As someone who is a veggie lover, it’s reassuring to know I can still eat nutritious foods even if fresh produce isn’t always accessible to me.

Life Kit will definitely be a podcast that I continue listening to. It does a great job of breaking down complex topics into small episodes. Much of the content covered will drastically improve one’s adulting skills.

Unf*ck Your Brain

Last up was Unf*ck Your Brain, hosted by Master Certified Life Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D. This podcast explores how confidence and self-worth are essential to success. Basically, this show focuses on rewiring patterns we’ve been taught (thank you patriarchy) that affect how we function in professional and personal spheres.

Productivity, Self-Worth, and the Industrial Revolution caught my attention first. This conversation featured Simone Seol, a business coach who spoke to Loewentheil about unhealthy productivity. Seol shared how overexertion is linked to the guilt many of us may feel when not constantly producing work, something many college students are familiar with. This perpetuates a cycle of burnout, which not only harms our performance, but also our mental and physical health. It’s impossible to be productive if you feel ill or anxious past the point of panic. This episode stressed the importance of rest in a toxic productivity culture.

Though adulting is still terrifying, these podcasts helped me find some peace of mind. If you’re interested in investing your money, maintaining a balanced lifestyle, or any number of life skills, these podcasts are the perfect place to start.

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21 abr 2022

I love The Financial Feminist! :) Somehow it makes financial advice entertaining.

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