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Ross Lynch: From Disney to Driver Era, by Grace Zurawski

It’s nothing new for a former Disney Channel star to take their career to another level by breaking into film, music, or otherwise. We’ve all witnessed Zendaya, Selena Gomez, the Sprouse twins, and Zac Efron (to name a few) star in movies and create albums so successful we sometimes forget they were on Disney in the first place. My personal favorite is Ross Lynch. Back in his Austin and Ally days, he and his siblings created the band R5, which released several albums from 2009–2018 until Ross and his brother, Rocky, decided to pursue music as a duo under the name “The Driver Era.”

In 2018, the alternative rock duo released their debut single Preacher Man, previewing their first album, simply titled X. They continued to release singles until the album’s release, gaining many fans who were either new or were already following from R5. Some of their most successful singles have been Low, Afterglow, and Feel You Now. The Driver Era was a new beginning for Ross Lynch, positioning him as an independent rock star in the eyes of music fans rather than a Disney Channel has-been.

Their first tour, The Driver Era Live!, was brought to a quick end by COVID-19 just a month in. Even with the abrupt stall of their biggest event, the band continued to prosper. By the end of 2019, The Driver Era had over 23.6 million streams and 2.5 million listeners on Spotify alone.

Ross’ musical ascension was further solidified with the release of 2021’s Girlfriend. Some notable favorites on the album include A Kiss, Heart of Mine, and flashdrive. Much of the duo’s success can be attributed to both the on-stage charisma of the Lynch brothers and Ross’ previous following from Austin and Ally and his hit Teen Beach Movie. The Driver Era is also no ordinary rock band. Their songs mix the funky sound of classic rock with the smooth sway of indie. It feels fitting whether you’re on a drive with the windows down, relaxing on a beach, or out at night with friends. Their stage presence and sound is in line with some of our favorite rock stars — something few artists can do today.

With all kinds of concerts coming our way after several years of cancellations, The Driver Era has joined in on the excitement. Just a few days ago, the band announced their US summer tour. Tickets for shows all across the country are on sale now, so if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience from a band that will only keep getting better, make sure to get your tickets asap. Ross and Rocky Lynch have only just begun their one-of-a-kind career, and you won’t want to miss it.

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