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Three Essential Songs for Your Week’s Rotation, by Jason Meggyesy

Warm weather, blue skies, flowers in bloom—spring has officially arrived, which means summer is close to follow. With summer around the corner, your favorite artists are hard at work in the studio laying down verses and prepping beats to create the perfect summer banger. Since the ideal song to completely summarize the warm months is still in the works, there’s still music to help pass the time.

Here are three songs that you should have in your rotation to help hold you over until the release of those quintessential summer bangers.

Big Boss Rabbit by Freddie Gibbs

After the release of his Grammy-nominated album, Alfredo, Freddie Gibbs guarantees that the Kane Trane chugs full steam ahead with this track. Big Boss Rabbit opens up with a snippet from Mike Tyson in a post-fight interview after defeating Frank Bruno. Right after Tyson declares dominance, Gangsta Gibbs wastes little time to hop on the beat. For the next two and a half minutes, Gibbs raps with concise flow, spitting bar after bar about his old days cutting cocaine as well as all the new jewelry he’s recently acquired. This is Freddie Gibbs at the top of his game, pushing back on all of the haters and naysayers (We’re looking at you, Grammy Academy).

Cooking With Grease by Shelley FKA DRAM

The artist once known as DRAM, famous for the song Broccoli, is trying to carve out a new identity in the music industry, and a unique sound accompanies him. Shelley FKA DRAM makes a return with a smooth, silky flow on the song Cooking With Grease. Arriving a few weeks after Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak lit up the airwaves with their suave sound on Leave the Door Open, Shelley picked up right where the Silk Sonic tandem left off. “Cooking With Grease” is a song that elicits one of the most primal feelings we have as humans: passionate love. Over three minutes, Shelley serenades the listener about his recent love interest. This song is perfect for when after the bars have closed and everyone is making their way back to the bedroom.

Get Money by Est Gee ft. Yo Gotti

Although this song debuted in the middle of last summer, the track has recently seen an uptick in popularity over the last few weeks. Friend and collaborator of Jack Harlow, Est Gee carves a name for himself on this track. Providing a different view than Harlow, Gee brings a gritty, more streetwise sound with him out of Louisville. On the track Get Money, Gee bounces all over the beat, speaking on some of the wisdom he picked up in the streets. Veteran rapper Yo Gotti acts as the anchor of the song and gives the track some name recognition. Over the last few years, Yo Gotti has hopped on tracks with several up-and-coming artists like 42 Dugg and Rod Wave, helping to increase awareness around them. With a Yo Gotti co-sign and a notable sound, “Get Money” is a track that should get multiple plays the next time you put your headphones on.

With this three-song starter pack, you’re now well-equipped for the beginning of summer. Now, put your head down, take care of yourself, and finish out the semester on a high note.

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